MIAMI SOUP’s First Winner

We would like to congratulate Stephany Torres and the The Front Yard Theatre Collective on being the micro-grant winner at our very first MIAMI SOUP Dinner that took place May 1, 2014.

We would also like to thank the Knight Foundation for its generous support, Soya & Pomodoro for hosting,  all of our wonderful presenters and dinner guests for making our first sold-out dinner such a success. Please take a moment and read up on all of the participants — they all had amazing presentations.

Stephany Torres | The Front Yard Theatre Collective

For all ages, fitness levels and budgets, History on Wheels is an interactive bike ride that is both exciting and educational, offering the community a new and innovative theater experience. The stage is Miami and the audience will bike from one landmark to another to catch the next scene. The plot follows Julia Tuttle’s voyage as she time travels on bike through the history of Miami. She will have unexpected encounters with key moments in our Magic City’s history. Organizing the event is The Front Yard Theatre Collective (FYTC), a Miami theater group performing fun and educational theater in local venues and community events for the past three years. Miami’s history is all around us. Let’s celebrate it and demonstrate where it happened and why it is important, alongside bringing awareness to the preservation of our historic sites, and promoting alternative forms of transportation.

Contact Stephany at


Julian Picaza | Makeshop Miami

Miami’s decade long hosting of Art Basel has created an increased demand for Creative Fabrication facilities for which there is a short supply. Our booming tech community has an increasing number of fabrication and prototyping needs for which there is also no support infrastructure. Local schools as well have limited resources for our students to explore modern design processes and fabrication technologies, putting them at a potential disadvantage in their future workplaces. Building this kind of infrastructure into our city will open up possibilities for more than just the creative sector, and will empower groups and individuals of all kinds to further explore their ideas with professional equipment and support.

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Dr. Amanda Alders Pike | Florida Art Therapy Association

I would like to create a six-week art therapy program serving children with autism by leveraging the Florida Art Therapy Association (FATA) network and collaborating with the Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARDS) in order to market the program and attract participants. The program would take place all over Miami including museums that have partnered with FATA in the past like The Wolfsonian, Vizcaya, Frost, PAMM, Bass, and Coral Gables Museum. The SOUP grant will provide for a vulnerable group in Miami (caregivers and children with Autism) and deliver support and as well as access to a program that uses the arts to promote social skills, emotional intelligence, communication skills, sensory/ stimuli tolerance and more.

Contact Amanda at
Our next MIAMI SOUP is in July, stay tuned for details.

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