Awesome SOUP Presenters

We are pleased to announce the three presenters for our Awesome SOUP soup dinner to held on Thursday, July 10th at Grand Central in Miami.  For tickets, click here.


Craig O’Neil
ART | History – Miami Marine Stadium Mural Project

This project furthers the preservation interest and cause of returning the Miami Marine Stadium back to the people of Miami as a public park.  The first of three phases is to feature 20 local and international street artists who will paint murals at the Miami Marine Stadium. The second phase is to produce a series of prints that help raise funds for Friends of Miami Marine Stadium. The last phase is hosting two shows, one in fall in Wynwood and another during Art | Basel – Miami Beach 2014.

Miami Marine Stadium is a iconic piece of Miami’s history.  It is remembered as the best boating race venue in the world, the venue that welcomed Queen, Ray Charles, The Beach Boys, Sade, and countless others.  For the last 20 years it has documented the history of Miami through graffiti.  Returning this complex back to the people of Miami as public green space, honors its entire history and gives Miami something that everyone can enjoy for decades to come.


Rick Tuttle
Agents of Kindness

Agents of Kindness is a community of skilled professionals from a variety of disciplines who volunteer to help local non-profit organizations. Our projects are akin to an old-fashioned barn-raising but in the digital space, or like an extreme makeover but for a small non-profit business’s web and social media presence.

What distinguishes Agents of Kindness from community “code-a-thons” or “civic hacking” groups is that we seek to incorporate a pragmatic, yet focused, project management approach to our projects. Each project will have defined goals with expected outcomes and also include a plan to help the beneficiaries maintain their digital investment going forward.

Many local Miami non-profit organizations lack the financial resources and expertise necessary to create an effective online presence. We believe that a focused, one-day makeover project can save an organization time and money and give them the tools they need to raise awareness, recruit volunteers and increase donations.

Our goal is to free up local non-profit groups to fulfill their main purpose of helping people in the community. We want to turn technology problems into blessings by using technology to serve the mission of the organization.


Erik Lieux
Street View

Street View is a structured photography initiative for teenagers experiencing homelessness or who ran away.  The youth are given professional direction and disposable cameras to document their life experiences which they will share informally with one another and formally at a Wynwood gallery. This project gives the homeless and runaway youth the attention they need with press coverage and general awareness of their predicament while allowing them to the gain a sense of mastery and accomplishment (something many of which have been denied or feel is unattainable).  Also, funds generated from the gallery show would go directly back into providing services and aid for these youth.

With the MDCPS system reporting a growing number now estimated at 7,500 homeless, runaway, or unaccompanied youth, there are many children who do not receive the attention or care many fortunate children do. In fact, most of these unaccompanied youth do not receive any awareness that they exist period. With this creative initiative, the aim is to uncover the hidden faces and give them a voice to let it be known homeless does not just affect adults. It is a very real issue, and with only one shelter in all of Miami Dade County to service these youth, an imperative exists to help these youth be known.

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