MIAMI SOUP Awards Micro-grant at Start-Up City: MIAMI

Three social entrepreneurs will tell their stories at Start-Up City: MIAMI on Monday, May 30th for a chance to win over the business conference audience and be awarded a $2,000 micro-grant.  MIAMI SOUP is grateful and thankful for The Miami Herald, The Atlantic, CityLab, and Knight Foundation’s interest in this unique opportunity highlight social entrepreneurship in South Florida.  When registering to attend, please use PROMO CODE MiamiSoup79 to save $20.

“Over the past century, researchers have studied business entrepreneurs extensively… In contrast, social entrepreneurs have received little attention. Historically, they have been cast as humanitarians or saints, and stories of their work have been passed down more in the form of children’s tales than casestudies. While the stories may inspire, they fail to make social entrepreneurs’ methods comprehensible. One can analyze an entrepreneur, but how does one analyze a saint?” ― David Bornstein, How to Change the World: Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas

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