Mark Lesniak is the Executive Director of the Omni Parkwest Redevelopment Association, Inc., a 501(c)(3) Florida non-profit corporation based in Downtown Miami, which is most well-known for creating Grand Central Park, a 5-acre temporary green space on the site of the old Miami Arena and one of the largest “pop-up” parks in the world.

Since moving to Miami in 2008, Mark has taken an active role in revitalizing Downtown Miami through tactical urban interventions and “pre-vitalization” projects. In addition to his role in Grand Central Park (and as one of the original “weed bombers”), Mark has been involved in a myriad of other projects to help raise the quality of life for Downtown Miami residents and promote alternatives to automobile culture, which he refers to as a “culture in crisis” and to promote a more “enlightened form of land banking” by encouraging property owners allow temporary uses of vacant and dilapidated properties that are ultimately slated for development, if not in the immediate term.

Some examples of other projects Mark has worked on are: a free late-night weekend transit service called the Grand Central Express, co-creator of “Go Dutch!” the largest annual bicycle event in South Florida, assisting with creation of the City of Miami’s new “parklet” pilot program, and commissioning a more than 80,000 s/f mural installation spanning nine buildings including collaborative work by some of the world’s most well known street artists Kelly “RISKY” Graval, Shepard Fairey, Anthony Lister and Mear One, to name a few.

Mark graduated cum laude from New York Law School in 2008, and specialized in federally regulated media and intellectual property law until focusing full time on economic development projects as Executive Director of the Omni Parkwest Redevelopment Association.

Mark Lesniak is on LinkedIn.